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How to Read Your Water Meter

What is a water meter? -- A water meter is a device used to measure the volume of water delivered to a property.

The water meter should be located in a plastic meter “box.” Usually in front of the house. If you live on state highway look for a white mark on edge of road to locate the general area of your water meter. The water meter should have a plastic or metal lid covering the “box”.

  1. Locate the water meter
  2. Remove the lid and/or lift the lid cover (look for insects or snakes).
  3. Use a damp rag to wipe the face clean

Checking your water meter:
Your water meter will measure in gallons. One gallon of water passes through the water meter as the sweep hand moves from one number to the next (Red pointer with numbers on the outer edge of the meter face 0-9). A complete rotation is equivalent to ten gallons.

  1. Locate the large sweep hand (Red pointer) on the dial which is used to determine the water measured.
  2. Once located look to the number shown on the face.

If the number reads “1,356,410”and sweep hand is on the “1,” the correct reading is 1,356,411 gallons. The last number on the right is the stationary zero (this does not change), (This will represent the single gallons of the sweep hand).

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