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Irrigation Water Service (In District)


Metered water service will be provided to consumers inside the CCW District for irrigation use, where access to existing facilities is feasible. Amounts detailed below are per billing period.


*--This service also includes irrigation, agriculture & bulk water sales.


Irrigation Systems – Commercial and Residential

All irrigation systems installed where water is provided by Cleveland County Water (CCW) must be connected to a separate irrigation meter installed by CCW. Cleveland County Water requires the installation of a backflow assembly prior to the initiation of water service. At a minimum and consistent with the Cleveland County Water’s backflow policy & North Carolina Administrative Code “Rules Governing Public Water Systems”, CCW will require the installation of Reduced Pressure Zone (RPZ) device for adequate water system protection. To inquire about fees and obtaining an irrigation meter, call (704)538-9769. Once installed, please contact CCW backflow department at (704)538-9769 for an inspection of backflow prevention assembly. Once the device has passed inspection, the meter will be unlocked & activated by CCW. An initial test of the Reduced Pressure Principle (RP) backflow assembly and annually thereafter, is required. The customer is responsible for this testing & maintaining the backflow preventer. The customer shall be responsible for submission of the Backflow Device Testing Form to the District within 30 days of testing. All testing must be conducted by a certified tester on Cleveland County Water’s approved tester’s list or by CCW backflow department.

Testing & Approved Tester’s information shall be forwarded to:
Cleveland County Water
c/o Backflow Prevention
Post Office Box 788
Lawndale, NC 28090-0788

For additional questions regarding the Backflow Prevention Device please contact Cleveland County Water (Backflow Department) at 704-538-9769.

Effective July 1, 2024

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